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Who has good posture every moment of the day? On a regular basis we cause minor misalignments in our spine through what we consider normal daily activities--sitting at a computer, standing for long periods, even sleeping in certain positions.

Some of these misalignments self-correct through stretching and exercise, but many linger and worsen over time. Not only can this cause pain and discomfort, but these misalignments can decrease nerve function which can adversely affect every system in the body.

Chiropractic care will correct these misalignments or subluxations, allowing the body to return to normal, healthy function. This will not only correct issues that you might be experiencing, but can prevent function loss or illnesses from occurring. A body functioning in a normal, healthy way is naturally more resistant to disease and injuries.

At Park Chiropractic, we believe a chiropractor's job is to set their patients on the road to good health and wellness. It's up to the patient to continue down this road with the kind of exercise, nutrition, and activities that will bring them true health and a well balanced life. Let Chiropractic care be your first step into a new life!

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