COVID-19 Guidelines

👋 Hello 👋

We’ve been busy adjusting to our new normal, here’s what you can expect:

✔️ Social distancing with office furniture moved, spacing people apart in our waiting room. 
✔️ You will notice tape on the floor to further encourage spacing between people throughout the office. 
✔️ Masks will be required if you are able to medically tolerate one.  If you don’t have one, we will provide one for you. 
✔️ Covid screening will be done as you enter the clinic, including a temperature check  
✔️ You will now enter at the main entrance and check in at the front office. As you did before. Our friendly office staff will complete the check in process using the tablet. 
✔️ You will exit using the back door where there is a new check out station.
✔️ We kindly ask that you come into the clinic alone, if you need assistance by all means bring your loved one with you to assist.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
🤒 Fever
😷 Cough 
Sore throat 
Shortness of breath
Congestion/runny nose 
Body aches 
🦠 You’ve been exposed to a known positive case of covid. 
✈️ You’ve been out of the country in the last 14 days. 

We will not be able to treat you until symptoms have subsided. Please contact your primary care provider ASAP. 

Lastly, please bear with us as we adjust to our new normal. We’re going to start with limited hours Mon-Wed. As the schedule fills up, we will return to our previous hours.  ⏰ 

Dr. Terry and team are ready and excited to see all of you again and do what we do best...

Add years to life, and life to those years!

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