Spinal Adjustment

Starting at $75

Spinal Adjustment is the actual adjustment of region(s) where there is a Subluxation within your spine.  An adjustment can be performed manually by hand or by various tools.

Extremity Adjustment

Starting at $30

Extremity Adjustment is the actual adjustment of an extremity, where there is a Subluxation, such as a wrist, ankle, shoulder, knee, etc.

Mechanical Traction

Starting at $15

Mechanical traction is where you get to relax a bit.  This table has mechanical rollers that move up and own your spine; promoting the natural space between your vertebrae.

Manual Therapy

Starting at $30

Manual Therapy is usually done by hand on a massage table or a chiropractic table.  This allows the muscles to loosen up; making the movement of the bones (Adjustment) a little easier.

Therapeutic Exercise

Starting at $30

Therapeutic Exercise is stretching and or repetitive movements that will allow your body to continue to heal the areas which have been identified as problem areas.

Red Light Therapy

 Starting at $110 

Red Light Therapy Red light therapy offers numerous benefits, including improved skin health, reduced inflammation, and enhanced wound healing. Its non-invasive nature and ability to stimulate cellular rejuvenation make it a popular choice for promoting overall well-being.

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